How To Order

This page describes the steps to ordering a custom art commission. Please read through these instructions before placing an order. It should be very helpful, but if you still have questions, please feel free to write me an email detailing what you’re looking for.

Step One:

If you are looking to place an order for a custom art commission, this is the point where you decide on what you are actually looking for. By visiting my portfolios you can better visualize what style and medium you are interested in.

For Pet Portraits: If you are interested in ordering a custom pet portrait, please visit my Pet Painting Portfolio to see examples of acrylic and watercolor pet portraits, and also please visit my Pet Drawing Portfolio to see examples of pet portraits done in colored pencil and ink.

For Non-Pet Related Art: If you are considering placing a custom art commission please view my portfolio of non-pet related paintings and drawings. There’s quite a lot we can do! Please see my Other Art Works Portfolio.

Step Two:

Once you have visited my portfolios please explore the different styles and mediums and determine what size you are also after. Place your order on the Pet Paintings ordering page, or the Pet Drawings ordering page.

***Please be aware that the prices you see on the ordering page reflects prices for portraits of individuals. A 15% fee per head is added for each additional pet in a portrait.

Separate ordering pages can be found for Home Goods and Non-Pet related art.

Step Three:

Once a payment is placed I will email you requesting reference materials. For pet portraits specifically I will need photos of your pet or pets. The higher quality the better! Also, please think about any color schemes you prefer for backgrounds, any additional stylistic elements, and if you want more than one pet in the portrait. If this is the case, I will require the additional fee paid prior to me shipping out the portrait.

For non-pet related artwork I will email you requesting as much information for the art you are after. If you have specific reference materials you will need to email these to me.

I will provide a sketch prior to starting on any project to get the green light from you!

Step Four:

I know it’s boring, but this is where you wait while I work on your order. For drawings of any size and style I require 3-4 weeks before delivery to you. For paintings of any size and style I require 6-8 weeks minimum before delivery. Your understanding of this helps us both schedule accordingly and to not have insane expectations!

This does not mean this is how long it WILL take, as I work as efficiently as I can to get your art to it’s new home! It’s just a safe buffer for the both of us!

Shipping costs will cover tracking and certification. You will be provided with the shipping information. All issues related to shipping and retrieval of your item rely on you once I have provided you with shipping and tracking information.